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What You Can Expect From Midwest Shaolin

Each new student starts out day one by building a firm foundation of the basics. This method teaches the student how to obtain better strength, flexibility, structural integrity, balance, proper breathing, coordination, cardiovascular development, focus and timing. The Shaolin training principals strengthen the body from the ground up.


Understand the depth of the internal martial arts such as, Tai Chi, Qigong, Ba Duan Jin, Xi Sui Jin and Chan Mediation. These different styles of internal training strengthen the internal organs, bones, bone marrow, nervous system, cardiovascular system and neurological systems. Its method balances the body as a whole, not just in part. Whereas training in just the external forms of martial arts will only build more external body strength, speed, and stamina etc. It can be strong, but it won't be as strong as it could be with out internal practice being added to it.

Traditional Chinese medicine is about  the balance of yin and yang etc. If one of the elements are not in balance with the other, our bodies will become weak.  if you only practices external forms of martial arts you will end up becoming limited. The same truth applies to the internal arts. You must utilize forms of external and internal training or you will end up becoming out of balance.

Prayer to God and meditation helps the student train their mind to subdue negative, out of control aggressive or reactive behaviors that can detour the student from becoming a more happy, productive, successful and compassionate individual.


Martial arts training is for health and longevity purposes only!  We teach self defense, but it should never be used in an aggressive, abusive or looking to prove ones self in a harmful, arrogant or egotistical manner! This goes against the teachings of morality and proper use of self control that we ingrain into our students!

The highest level to achieve, especially when this system originally came from a spiritual monastery, was about developing the entire person. Students of Shaolin are taught how to control their ego, pride, negativity, anger, hatred, desire, delusional and non-productive ways of thinking. The training brings about an inner peace by way of a physical means that will enable the student to become a more compassionate, proactive, and successful individual.


                                                   WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!                                                                                                                                                                                        

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