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Student Testimonials


"I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease about a year and a half ago. During my last scheduled check up, my neurologist reported that since I started training in Qigong and Tai Chi with Shifu Erickson, my motor skills, balance, concentration, memory and fitness levels had greatly improved. The training helps me to concentrate and focus on the 'now or to live in the moment' and not worry about what the future could possibly bring. I am healing myself more each new day!

Thank you so much Shifu,"

- Joan Davis

'When we step into our Tai Chi class we leave the negative world outside! We focus on breathing in positive energy and strengthening our physical and mental being. The class is both challenging and relaxing. The benefits that we gain are improved posture, flexibility, balance and confidence. I recommend the study of Tai Chi and Kung Fu for people of all ages!"

- Sharon Bain

"I have been training with Shifu for almost three years. During this time,I have noticed increased flexibility, better balance, strength (particularly my leg strength), coordination, mental focus and memory! I recommend this type of training to every senior out there as well as to everyone of any age!"

- Helen Pounds

"I have been training at Midwest Shaolin since 2016 and I really enjoy it. I'm getting stronger each day. It requires total commitment and focus to achieve greater precision on the self-defense techniques and forms. The classes are very beneficial in so many ways. I am making progress and I'm having fun!!!"

- Leslie Babcox

"It is food for my soul and I love it!!!

Thank you Shifu,"

- Windy Amberg

"Training with Shifu Erickson in Tai Chi and Qigong saved my life! I'm a 72 year old Veteran and had been ill for a number of years. Since I began training with him over these last two years, I have been taken off of five different medications that the doctors had me on for some time. My doctors were puzzled to say the least at my recovery. I have also lost over sixty pounds, I stand tall, feel great and I just built a new addition to my house!

Salute Shifu, and thank you,"

- Jim Peltz

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