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Shifu Jerry Erickson​​'s Bio

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35th Generation Shaolin Temple Wushu Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong Instructor under 34th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk, Shifu Wang Bo

50+ Years of Martial Arts Training

8th Degree in Chuan Fa  "Kenpo, Advanced Concepts."

Member of the International Shaolin Disciples Society-Organization

Degrees, Certifications and Practice:

40+ Years Experience in Sports Medicine Physical Therapy / Structural Body Alignment / Kinesiological Therapeutics / Neuro-Cybernetic Therapy / Qigong Therapeutic Healing Arts Practitioner / Traditional Chinese Medicine Qigong Energy Balancing and Healing / Holistic Health and Wellness Therapeutics / Diet and Nutrition / Naturopathy- Botanical Herbalist

Military Service:

Honorably Discharged United States Air Force Staff Sergeant, Crash-Fire-Rescue / Para-rescue Special Operations, Vietnam Veteran. He served from 1970-74


Director / Founder of Midwest Shaolin Wushu Kung Fu and Tai Chi Association

Director of Qigong Therapeutic Healing Arts

Director and Founder of Shaolin . Life

Director of Shaolin Internal and External Martial Science Education and Training at Kaivalya . Life, Health and Healing Retreat in the USA and Nicaragua

Director of Therapeutic Health and Wellness Practitioners for Kaivalya, USA  Maui, Hawaii


2018 "Gold Medal Award" recipient as Coach / Trainer for the USA Martial Arts World Competition Team in Montego Bay, Jamaica 


Missouri State Representative of  Andras / International Security - Bodyguard  Affiliates "ISA"


Four-Time Inductee into the U.S.A. Martial Art's Hall of Fame


2010 Awarded the "Platinum Achievement Award for Outstanding Service."


2011 Awarded "Master of the Year."

Ph.D. in Martial Science and Philosophy from the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Board of Education for over 50 years of continued education and teaching


2016 Awarded "Leading Lifetime Achievement Award in Chinese Martial Arts."

2018 Awarded "International Instructor of the Year."


Shifu Erickson has served as a bodyguard, personal fitness trainer, sports medicine physical therapist / holistic practitioner, and martial arts instructor for many celebrities, executives, and CEO's. Throughout his 50 plus years of training, Shifu has taught his martial techniques to groups such as U.S. Navy Seal Team, U.S. Airborne Rangers, Law Enforcement and Executive Protection Specialists. He was also honored to be a personal bodyguard on many occasions for his holiness, Tenzin Gyatso, the fourteenth Dalai Lama.


Shifu's Training


Called to the martial art's at the age of 10 years old


Shifu studied with Master Chuck Norris from age 14-18 years old.


He served a four-year Military tour of duty in the United States Air Force and continued to study with various master's while abroad.


After his honorable discharge, he continued his studies with Mr. Norris and later opened his own first school.


Shifu studied the art of Filipino Kali, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, and Bruce Lee's method of Jeet Kune Do with Guru Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee's long time friend and business partner)


Studied Tai Mantis Kung Fu with Sifu Dr. Kam Yuen, who taught David Carradine, fight scene choreographer and stunt fighter for the television series "Kung Fu."


Shifu studied the techniques and scientific principles of American Kenpo from the late Senior Grandmaster of American Kenpo, Edmund K. Parker Sr., until his untimely passing in 1990. Shifu continued to study Kenpo while teaching at both of his studios in Pacific Palisades and Redondo Beach, California, with Professor Bryan Hawkins, and then later with Master Professor Dr. Ron Chap'el, one of Mr. Parker's private students.


From 2001-2004, Shifu was also an Aikido student (the art of non-force martial skills) and Iaido (drawing and cutting with the Samurai sword 'Katana') with Sensei James Shibata at his third studio in Torrance, California.


Shifu Jerry accepted an invitation to study with  the 34th Generation Ambassador Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks, Shifu Wang Bo and Shifu Yuen Jing in Shaolin Chan Meditation, and Shaolin internal and external martial art's. He was taught the ancient healing forms of Qigong energy healing, Qigong internal exercise for health and overal well-being. Xi Sui Jing, Yi Jin Jing, Ba Duan Jin, Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, Tamo Jin (Shaolin Tai Chi straight sword), and numerous Kung Fu forms and self-defense techniques.


In August of 2011, Shifu was ordained by Shifu Wang Bo and Shifu Yuan Jing with authority from the Abbott of the Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, Henan, China, Xi Yongxin as a 35th Generation Shaolin Temple Wushu Kung Fu Instructor with the title of "Shifu", which means instructor or teacher. 

His Shifu permitted him to open his own branch of Shaolin Wushu studios wherever he wished, which is now in the Branson and Hollister areas of Missouri. Shifu feels very fortunate to have received the opportunity to become part of the 1500-year-old linage of the world-famous Shaolin Temple.

Shifu furthered his knowledge of the Wudang Temple Internal Arts of Qigong, External Healing Qigong, Internal Alchemy, Neigong, and Tai Chi with Master's Wu Dang Chen and Zhou Xuan Yun.

He also trained in the 'original' fighting concepts of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do with the first-generation student of Sifu James Yimm Lee from the old Oakland, California school. At the same time, Bruce Lee was still alive, Master Professor Gary Dill.


Shifu is an avid philanthropist who teaches free courses at battered women's facilities, abused and abandoned children's foundations, hospitals, and underprivileged children's after-school programs.



Shifu's quest to teach and help change people's lives goes on!

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