Classes - Private Training - Holistic - Oriental Health and Wellness Session 

Midwest Shaolin IMC Academy are seeking serious-minded students who are willing to train hard and follow all of the rules and regulations that the original 1500-year-old Shaolin Temple implemented in China.  We train in the 'Old School Ways.'

Students must first fill out an application form and have a personal interview with Shifu.  Shifu will then decide if he will accept the potential student or not.

Midwest Shaolin requires that all serious students try their best to dedicate themselves to at least six months of training! If not, they are only wasting their time and money and that of the Shifu, who only wants to produce great students!

Shaolin Wushu and Tai Chi Chuan's study and practice take much time, dedication, and hard work! We require that each student, when excepted, donate a one-time Association enrollment of $75.00 ( then $25.00 per year there afterward), which includes the new students Shaolin Wushu and Tai Chi First Level Initiate Study Manual, plus a studio work out tee shirt as our training uniform.

Students may also choose to purchase more tee shirts or workout pants and training shoes. Please ask Shifu about prices and to acquire pants and or shoes. 

Student Scholarship Programs are also available upon request and approval.

Class Fee's

$20.00 per individual training class​

$115.00 per month for Three Classes a week

$130.00 per month for

Unlimited Classes

Active Military and Honorably Discharged Military Law Enforcement

Fire Protection Personnel

EMS First Responders

$110.00 per month for Unlimited Classes

Seniors 65 yrs.& up  

$100.00 per month for Unlimited Classes     

Association Enrollment

 $75.00 first year 

 $25.00 per year 

"All business transactions are final. They are non-refundable and non-transferable!"

Includes student Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi First Level Initiate Study Manual and a

Studio work out tee shirt .



Half hour Energy Healing and Balancing Session


One Hour Energy Healing and Balancing Session


Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Treatment


Electro-acupoint Meridian Balancing Session


Diet - Nutrition - Herbs and Vitamin Consultation and Evaluation

Private Training Sessions with Shifu 
$70.00 per hour 
$35.00 per half hour 

Wushu Kung Fu  
Tai Chi Chuan

Qigong - internal Healing Qigong

*Accepted by interview only