What We Teach at Midwest Shaolin

 Integrated Martial Concepts
   Authentic Shaolin - Wudang Temple 
   Kung Fu - Tai Chi Chuan - Qigong 
   Internal and External Healing Qigong  
   Wing Chun - Jeet Kune Do
   Shaolin Chuan Fa 'Kenpo'
   Ancient 'Glima' Viking Martial Art
and so much more.
Shifu Jerry Erickson studied under some of the best-known names in Martial Arts;
Chuck Norris, Ed Parker Sr; and the Shaolin Temple with over 50 years of martial arts experience.
Health & Wellness Therapy Sessions
   Traditional Qigong Therapeutic Healing Arts
   TCM Cupping and Electro-Acu-point
   Chan Zen Mindfulness Meditation         Diet - Herbs and Nutritional Guidance
Sports Medicine & Chiropractic care
   P.H.D. in Sports Medicine 
Practiced for x years in top facility
Beverly Hills, CA.


Qigong Therapy Seminar

  On Anxiety, 

Depression and PTSD.

By Veteran Shifu Jerry Erickson

Location:  Branson, Missouri  USA

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Shifu Jerry Erickson

Kung Fu and Tai Chi is for everyone

Our training is for people of all ages and physical levels. Everyone benefits significantly from training in the 1500-year-old tradition of Shaolin - Wudang Temple Kung Fu, Chuan Fa, Jeet Kune Do, Tai Chi Chuan, and Qigong.​

​These very diverse forms of exercise will teach you a whole new world of physical fitness and mental health awareness that you have never experienced before!

Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi's knowledge provides lifelong benefits.   One never stops learning and training!


Everything is Kung Fu! 


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